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"I've hired Barry twice to write liner notes for my CD projects.  I couldn't have been happier with the results.  He came up with two very interesting and beautifully written pieces that revealed his depth of understanding about what I was trying to do with my music.  He is easy to communicate with, and he brought his work in well ahead of my deadline.  I can't wait to hire him again!”

Craig Bickhardt, singer/songwriter


“Barry Alfonso is a pleasure to work with, first and foremost because  of the wide musical knowledge he brings to the subject matter and the skill with which he turns that knowledge into interesting, informative and inviting prose. In addition he's consistently steady and reliable;  when he signs up to do something I can count on it being done as  promised and on time.”

David Grady, iTunes Reviews Editor


“Barry Alfonso took on the daunting task of writing the notes for the Peter, Paul and Mary Boxed Set, Carry it On. Beyond being an excellent writer, he has a gift for connecting with artists and getting at the heart of a story or situation.  With three principals, it was important to get all parts of a story and weave it together seamlessly.  The Trio loved working with him and were thrilled with the end product.  His writing is compelling and draws you in wanting more.  His creative way with words and his gift as an interviewer are unmatched.”

Martha Hertzberg, manager of Peter, Paul and Mary


“I really enjoyed the interview process; Barry’s questions helped me to articulate who I am as an artist at a core level. I thought he had a thoughtful approach, free of agenda or bias, and was able to draw out and capture some essential elements about myself as a singer-songwriter… I'm very satisfied with the biography Barry wrote. It works on the whole and in pieces; I can pull paragraphs or sentences and use them for different purposes. I've found that to be immediately useful. I'm very impressed with Barry’s work, and I would be happy to work with him in the future!”

Heather Kropf, singer/songwriter


"Barry always delivers eloquent, informative, entertaining notes (and has never missed a deadline).  He knows exactly how to pick the right details to make any story come to life.  It's great to know that when I need exceptional writing, Barry's just a phone call away.”

Cheryl Pawelski, Vice-President of A&R, Rhino Entertainment


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